Kirmada Brand Assets

Using Kirmada’s Brand Assets

You are welcome to use the assets we publish here to promote Kirmada to your users. These assets are mainly intended as a library for our affiliates promoting Kirmada to their audiences, but you may use them for any promotional or editorial purposes, provided they adhere to our usage guidelines.

Usage guides and restrictions are shown at the bottom of the page – please respect our brand and stick to these basic rules, thank you!


Below are logos optimised for both light and dark backgrounds.

The “K” logo can be used anywhere where space is limited or where brand has already beend established. There are two versions of the full “Kirmada” logo, with straplines and without.

To save an image, click on it to open it then right click and Save As. Alternatively, download a ZIP of all images this gallery by clicking the button below.


Application Screenshots

This section shows some in-app screenshots as well as composite screenshots in various settings.


Videos are hosted on YouTube. To embed on your website, open the video in YouTube and click “Share”. You can then copy and paste the URLs where you want them to appear.

You may download the videos to host yourself by clicking on the links below the video thumbnails.


There’s got to be a Better Way


DESCRIPTION: A short dramtic film of a freelancer struggling to keep his clients happy, until one day, CHATAI tells him that there is a better way…

Explainer Video


DESCRIPTION: Animated overview video of what Kirmada does and how it can help freelancers and agencies.

Composite Images


Legal notice

You may only use the graphics on this page and Kirmada’s logos provided that:

  • You don’t use them to pass yourself off as being endorsed or employed by Kirmada Ltd;
  • You don’t use them in any way that will or is likely to harm Kirmada’s goodwill;
  • You may not use Kirmada’s trademarks, brand name, or intellectual property in any manner that may be misleading, confusing, or detrimental to Kirmada’s brand and reputation;
  • In all respects, your usage of our Brand Assets must be in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

Any use of Kirmada’s Brand Assets inures solely to Kirmada’s benefit and all use must comply with these guidelines, or other licensing or contractual arrangements you have with Kirmada. Third parties, including licensees, may not claim ownership rights in Kirmada’s Brand Assets, or brands that are confusingly similar to Kirmada’s Brand Assets, in any manner, including without limitation as a trademark, service mark, company name or designation, domain name, social media profile/handle, or in any other manner.

Kirmada expressly reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate, revoke, modify, or otherwise change permission to use its Brand Assets at any time and expressly reserves the right to object to any use or misuse of its Brand Assets in any jurisdiction worldwide.

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