Resource Management

Keep your files organised and available everywhere

Each of your Workspaces comes with its own online file storage where you can keep all the files and resources you need for your client in one, easy to find place. No more hunting through endless folders on SharePoint and Dropbox looking for files, it’s all there, where you need it.

Online File Storage

Your Kirmada account comes with 10Gb of online file storage, organised by Workspace so each client or project has its own dedicated space.

Keep all your documents and images where you need them, always available, no matter where you you’re working from.

Edit Images in The Cloud

Images can be viewed and even edited right there in the cloud. No need to download them first, just tweak them right there in the Resource Centre. The image editor even has all your social media cropping presets, so you can optimise for your social posts in a couple of clicks.

Share it With Your Team

Share your Workspace with your team and all your Resource Centre files are shared too. Everything you need to share with your team is shared in a single click – they open their Workspace and it’s all just there.

A screenshot of Kirmda's online Resource Centre