Social Media Scheduling & Inbox

Schedule social media campaigns and keep on top of your DMs

Connect your Workspaces to their own social media accounts and use the built-in calendar to schedule posts days, weeks or even months in advance. The Social Inbox collates all your incoming DMs into one Inbox, so you can reply to all your incoming messages in one, easy to access place.

Schedule Social Media Posts

Create posts in the Post Editor and schedule them in advance so that you’re consistent and keeping the algos happy on the social media platforms. Create all your posts in one go for the week or month and just let Kirmada take care of them, repeat evergreen posts on a schedule you choose.

Edit Images on the Fly

Attach images from the Resource Centre and edit them, right there in the post. Clean up dull images with brightness and contrast changes or crop them to the exact size you need. All your changes are reversable so create versions for each social platform while keeping the original untouched.

Create Social Media Queues

Want to send out a message every Monday at precisely 10am? Easy. Just create a queue to repeat every Monday at 10, and then save posts into the queue. Your posts are then sent automatically, in order, one after the other, every Monday, at 10am, without fail.

Not only are queues a great way to make sure your social presence is consistent, it helps you with the algos too which love to see regular content being posted, and rewards you with higher organic placement.

A screenshot of the social media post composer in Kirmada