Social Media Scheduling & Inbox

Schedule social media campaigns and keep on top of your DMs

Create and schedule posts for your clients inside their Workspace

The easiest way to be social

Do you manage social media for yourself or your clients?
If so, Kirmada’s Social Media Scheduling tools are just about to make your life so much easier!

Create posts to publish now or in the future and Kirmada will post them days, weeks or months from now according to your calendar. Want to repeat evergreen content? Kirmada’s got that covered too.

And there are no limits to the number of social media accounts you can connect – whether you have 1 or 100 Workspaces, they can all be connected to their own accounts.

Social Inbox

You don’t even need to swap between all your different accounts to see your incoming messages.

Kirmada’s Social Inbox collates all your Workspace’s incoming messages in one place, so you can read and respond all from one screen, in one session.

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We’re a team of 3-5 working in event management so we’re often split between different projects which often overlap so being able to streamline workflows & break down our spend to the penny is a huge win for us.

Jamie, USA