Workspaces contain everything you need to stay focused on a client. Web browser, passwords, bookmarks, timesheets, social media post editor, file storage and more!

Organise Your Clients
into Workspaces to 
instantly boost productivity!

Too many browser tabs? Can’t easily find your files? Constantly logging in and out of accounts and finding it hard to focus?

Do it in a Workspace instead.

What’s Inside a Workspace?


Web Browser

Dedicated Web Browser

A web browser for every client means all your tabs, passwords and accounts are focused and easy to find


Automatic Timesheets

Never miss another minute’s billing – you start working, Kirmada adds it to the timesheet automatically

Social Media Manager

Social Media Schedular

Yep, that’s right, every Workspace connects to its own social accounts so you can schedule posts to your heart’s content

File Manager

Cloud File Storage

Stop hunting through endless folders – all your client’s files live right inside the Workspace and are always to hand

Share Workspaces

Share It

Send a Workspace to a colleage and they get access to everything in the Workspace, and they contribute to your timesheet too!


Distraction Free Working

Workspaces allow you to switch between clients in a beat, so only what need right now is on the screen

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