Working in Teams

Sharing work and collaborating with your team is a breeze in Kirmada

Give your team access to all the files and resources they need to work with your clients and projects instantly by sharing your Workspace with them. 

Share Files and Resources

Your Workspace has its own file storage where you keep everything you need for that client or project, and it’s all available throughout the team too. No more having to give access to a myriad of different online file storage services, just share the Workspace and it’s done.

Websites & Accounts

You know all those sites you have to login to for your client? All those accounts you need to share individually with your team? Well, in Kirmada you can send them all, pre-logged in, to everyone in your team.

Save important sites as Stickies so they appear instantly for each team member, or simply send individual tabs to people with a message.

Team Time Tracking & Billing

Keeping track of time and billing is easy in Kirmada, even for your Team. Instantly see how much time each person has contributed to your project this month, how much it’s worth and what your total billing value is.

Never chase your team for their timesheets again – it’s all done for you, in real time, with incredible accuracy.

Social Media Management

Get your team working on your social media schedules and managing your social inbox, simply by sharing your Workspace. They can create and schedule posts, edit graphics, add calendar tasks and notes and work even see and respond to all incoming social DMs.

Screenshot of Kirmada's Team status panel