Time Tracking

Time is money. Get paid for the hours you work

Time is your most valuable commodity, yet you’re probably giving away hours or even days every month. For free.

Kirmada puts an end to that – our automatic timesheets instantly stop your business from leaking time and put you firmly in control of your billing.

Effortlessly create timesheets, see with a click whether your clients are profitable, get paid for exactly what you do and bill effortlessly for your entire team.

A screenshot of the Timer Summary screen

Automatic Timesheets

Just open your Workspace and the timesheet starts recording. No more forgetting to click start or stop – Kirmada does it all for you.

Set Rates and Retainers

Set your hourly rate and retainer and Kirmada shows you exactly what you should be billing and whether or not your retainers are profitable.

Timesheets for Teams

Invite co-workers to your team and all their work shows on your timesheet too. No more having to ask for updates to find out what they’ve been working on – it simply appears on your timesheet. See exactly what each team member has contributed as a percentage of time and billing value each month and bill with extraordinary accuracy.

Export Everything

Send your clients detailed timesheets, broken down by team members, projects and activities. Every minute, every day, shown with 100% accuracy.

A screenshot of the timesheet activity log