Development Roadmap

What do you want us to develop next?

Vote below for what you want us to concentrate on in future versions of Kirmada, or make your own suggestions. You can vote more than once by returning to the poll.

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Roadmap Descriptions

Chrome Extension Store

Add support for the Chrome Extension store. 

Change Colour Scheme

Customisable skins to change the UI colour scheme.

CRM Functionality

Include basic CRM functions to go with Workspaces, storing contacts, prospects, customer info etc. with the aim of making separate CRMs unnecessary for small orgs.

Project Management

Include basic project management tools with Workspaces, or integrate outside PMs, allowing Team admins to set and monitor tasks. Include kanban boards and waterfalls.

Make Default Browser

This would allow clicking of links elsewhere (e.g in email or Slack) to open the URL in Kirmada. Necessitates a browser that sits “seperate from Workspaces, so users can drag and drop tabs into relevent Workspaces as needed.

Nested Workspaces

Allow unlimited nesting of Workspaces, for example so projects and sub-projects could belong inside the parent Workspaces. Each would be seperately shareable as a Team.

Billing Reports and KPIs

Formatted PDF end-of-month billing, time and Team reports suitable for management analysis and forwarding to clients.

IM (Instant Messanger) For Teams

Instant messaging app for use within Workspace teams. Conversations would default to a Workspace (equivalent to a Slack Channel), be made for a Workspace and its child Workspaces, or be global.

3rd Party Cloud Storage

Tight integration of Google Drive, OneDrive, IDrive, iCloud Drive and DropBox to compliment or replace Kirmada’s Resource Centre.

More Social Media Channels

Integrate Google My Business, TikTok, YouTube and Pinterest, into the calendar and post schedular.

Workspace Tags & Categories

Tag Workspaces for sorting and organisation to allow grouping.

Global Bookmarks

Bookmarks made available to all Workspaces as defaults as soon as they’re created.

Remote Worker Monitoring

Ability to monitor activity of Team members. Take random screenshots, activity logs, employee “away” monitor, policies to restrict website usage.

Bookmark Sidebar

Additional sidebar displaying all bookmarks. Exists on screen permanently (unless closed), reducing browser window width.