What’s the difference between a Sticky and a Bookmark?

Both Stickies and Bookmarks are methods to save websites you want to save for future reference.

You will already be familiar with bookmarks, or favorites, from other web browsers and they work the same way in Kirmada. You bookmark a site and it is saved in the bookmarks folder (which you can view by clicking the three vertical dots in the web browser, or from the homepage by clicking the bookmark icon on the Workspace).

Stickies are for URLs which are central to your work in the Workspaces, such as SharePoint, website admin pages, or other critical websites that your work revolves around.

Stickies are stored on the left sidebar for convenient access – when you create a Sticky (by right clicking on a tab and choosing Save to Stickies), an icon for it will immediately appear.

Stickies and Teams

If your Workspace is shared with a Team, regardless of whether you are the team owner or a member, if you create a Sticky then everyone in the team will immediately see it on their sidebar.

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