What’s a Social Media Queue?

What is a Queue?

A queue is simply a repeating calendar entry in which you queue up posts.

So, for example, if you want to post every Monday morning at 9am, you can create a queue and create a bunch of posts which will then be published each Monday morning, one at a time.

Why use a Queue?

Queues are “fire and forget” tools for consistent posting. When you create a queue, you can then add posts to it whenever you want and know they’ll get published according to its schedule.

This can make your social media strategy easier to manage because you don’t need to worry about scheduling the posts as they will go out consistently and on time.

Another advantage is that you can create lots of posts in a single session and queue them up, freeing up your time to work on other things. 

You can create as many queues as you like and, when you create a new post, you can add it to just one queue – or many queues – at the same time and have your posts published consistently all week.



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