What is a Kirmada Team?

A Team in Kirmada is simply a Workspace which you have shared with others by clicking “Add a Team” on the Home Page.

When you share a Workspace, the user you share it with has to accept the invitation (they will see an alert next to the bell icon at the top of the screen). They can of course reject the invitation too.

Once accepted, the Workspace will appear on their Homepage.

What gets shared automatically?

The purpose of creating a Team is, of course, sharing resources and workload. So what exactly gets share?

  • The Workspace itself is visible on all the members’ home pages.
  • Stickies on the Left Navbar are shared.
  • The Calendar is shared and everyone can see all posts, tasks and notes which aren’t marked as “Private”.
  • All social channels which are connected will be connected for all users.
  • Bookmarks will be shared.
  • All users will have access to the Workspace folder in the Resource Centre, unless specifically prohibited.
  • All members of the team contribute to the Workspace timesheet

Opening and closing tabs in the Workspace won’t be visible to other users. 

What can I share manually?

  • Anything you add to the Calendar will be visible to the Team, so if you create a post for social media it will be visible and editable by others.
  • Let others contribute to social media posts by saving them as Drafts
  • Create tasks and notes on the calendar and notify users who need to action them
  • Right click on a tab in the Workspace and “Share Tab With…” will send that tab directly to the other users’ Workspace
  • Right clicking on a tab and “Save to Stickies” will add it to the Left Navbar of everyone in the team