Overview of Social Media in Kirmada

If you have social media accounts, or look after social medai accounts for your clients, you’ll find that Kirmada will help you save time, be more organised, consistent and proactive.

We designed Kirmada to have social scheduling tools built into each Workspace’s calendar, so regardless of how many clients you have it’s easy to link their accounts and compose their posts.

Link Social Accounts

From the Homepage, click the Edit Workspace icon on th Workspace you want link. You will see a screen showing various properties of the Workspace including, at the bottom, the social media accounts you can link.

Click on the channel you want to link and follow the login instructions. Once linked, you will get a visual confirmation that the link is OK and you can now create posts for it.


Linking Social Accounts screen

Creating a Post

To create a post, first open the Workspace you want to post from and then click the Calendar icon on the Left Navbar.

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