Navigating the Resource Library

The first thing you see when you open the Resource Centre is a list of all your Workspaces down the left hand side. Clicking on one will open it’s file storage area in the middle of the screen.

In here, you can upload files, create folders and do all the normal things you’d expect to be able to do in a file management system. However, as you navigate down through folders, only the contents of the current folder will be in view (i.e. it doesn’t display all your folders in a tree structure).

Instead, a “breadcrumb” trail will show you exactly where you are in the document hierarchy, shown circled below. 

Clicking on any of the folder names within the breadcrumb trail will take you back up to that folder.

You can also click on the Workspace name in the left hand pane to take you back to the top-level folder.

The Resource Centre screen showing the breadcrumb navigation trail highlighted.

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