Simplify, Organise, Thrive: The Web Browser for Business Professionals

The web browser for business. Let your productivity soar.

Can a Web Browser Make you More Productive, More Focused and More Profitable?

This One Can

“It’s fantastic! So simple that people might not see the brilliance.”

S. Williams, Virtual Assistant

Goodbye Tabageddon, Hello Ordered Peace

Kirmada keeps only the essential tabs in sight, for a calmer, more productive you.

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Chaotic Clients? Not with Kirmada

Switch between clients & projects in a click, without losing a single thought.

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Make More Money

Kirmada’s automatic time tracking ensures you bill for every minute you work. Cha-ching!

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No More File Fumbles

Kirmada’s cloud storage keeps your client’s documents at your fingertips, always.

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Social Media Sorted

Impress your clients with consistent, engaging social media content, all managed effortlessly within Kirmada.

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Escape the chaos of endless tabs and scattered tools

With Kirmada, you’ll gain back hours each week, bill more accurately, and rediscover the joy of doing what you love.

Ready to transform your freelance business? Download Kirmada now and experience the difference.