How to Find New Clients as a Freelancer

A freelancer sits at his desk working on his laptop PC

Being a freelancer is highly appealing, but it is precisely because it is so appealing that it can be exceptionally difficult to make it work. The greatest challenge any new freelancer will face is securing new clients and growing their business. This article stands ready to serve as a guide for any new freelancer looking to make their mark in the freelancing game.


Utilise Freelance Platforms

The most accessible place for any freelancer to commence their quest for clients is on designated work platforms and agencies which match freelancers with clients. The most well-known of these are platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer; however, be warned: competition here is fierce. The key to standing out amidst a sea of prospective freelancers is to create a compelling profile which highlights your skills, experience, and previous work.

If you don’t have previous experience to showcase, it may be worth considering offering lower than market rates for your services, just to get a foot in the door. Once you’ve built up a solid history of satisfied customers and 5-star reviews, you can afford to charge what you deserve. Keep an eye out for industry-specific websites, such as Pink Spaghetti for Virtual Assistants; you will have better odds of snagging that first client on a more specific and less crowded job platform.

Leverage your network

Arguably the most effective way to get started in the freelancing business is to tap into your personal network. You will have former colleagues, classmates, friends, and family members who may be in need of your services, or know someone who would be: reach out to them. For many freelancers who don’t have a client base, this is often the best and easiest way to lock in a first client.

Another worthwhile endeavour for fledgling freelancers is to attend networking events, industry conferences, and meetups to expand their professional circle and make helpful connections. Remember, networking is not just about selling yourself- it’s about building genuine relationships and demonstrating your expertise.

Optimise your brand

Having a compelling professional brand is so vital to attracting potential clients, especially if you’re only just starting out; as a freelancer, your brand is your business. Create a professional website that showcases your portfolio, testimonials, and contact information.

Optimise your social media profiles, particularly LinkedIn, to highlight your skills and experience. Don’t forget to check out other social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, X, Threads and even Pinterest to find out if your client base is active there so you can concentrate your time and effort only where they hang out.

It is also important to remember that the key to effective branding lies in the little things; having a professional headshot in which you are wearing suitable attire, making sure the spelling and grammar of your content is impeccable; having corporate-grade graphics and visuals. Speaking of visuals, use graphic design tools like Canva to create your brand’s visual identity; if this is not your forte, consider going meta and hiring a freelancer on Fiverr.

Mark Yourself as an Authority

Aside from establishing a highly attractive professional brand, freelancers can establish themselves as authorities in their fields by offering value-driven content. Even fledgling freelancers can do this, so long as their content is well-researched, high quality and value-adding.

Consider creating Instagram, informative blog posts, tutorials, webinars, or downloadable resources that demonstrate your knowledge and provide practical solutions for freelancers. Yes, there is a bit of ‘fake it until you make it’ about this strategy, but it works! By positioning yourself as a confident repository of knowledge, you’ll attract a following and hopefully also potential clients eager to harness your expertise.


And there you have it: four strategies to help establish yourself in the liberating but competitive world of professional freelancing. While its hard work, if you put in the effort the freelance lifestyle can turn from dream into reality. Give it a go!

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