How do I use Focus Tabs?

Focus Tabs a great productivity tool. But how do they work?

If you have many tabs open but want to temporarily focus on just two of them (perhaps you’re copying text from one tab to another), you can select the two you want and swap between them while ignoring all the others. To do that, nominate them as Focus Tabs:

  • Right click on the tabs you want to concentrate on and select Focus Tab from the menu. You’ll notice that the tab’s icon has changed to a yellow target.
  • Press CTRL + TAB (⌘ + Tab on Mac) to swap between those two tabs while ignoring all the others.

This is a great way to concentrate on just two websites while ignoring everything else you have open.

When you’re done, right click on the tabs again and choose “Unfocus Tab” – or just close them altogether.

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