How do I add posts to a Queue?

Queues are a great way to add posts to your social feed on a regular basis – simply create a queue, schedule when it should post content, then finally add some posts to it.

The queue will automatically send the next post queued at the scheduled time.

So, how do you add posts to a queue?

First, Create the Queue

 In order to place posts into a queue, you’ll need to create the queue first. Simply go into the Schedule and click the Create Queue button.

Create Queue screen

Name the queue, and then select when you’d like the queue to publish your posts. You can choose a regular slot like daily, weekly or monthly, or choose specific dates and times.

Then tell it when you’d like to STOP publishing – your options are to keep going until you delete the queue, on a specific date or to simply post x number of times.

Create Your Post

Now create a post as normal (Create Post button at the top of the calendar, or right click on the calendar itself), and you’ll notice that on the post editor’s publishing options is the option to Add to Queue.

Add to Queue dialogue

When you select Add to Queue, you will be asked which queue you’re adding to. Click Save and you’re done.